Just push paste.

CtrlV launched in 2009 to be an easy and fast way to share images. Now we're hosting over 100,000 images and estimate we've saved people 10,615 hours they would have spent uploading images the old fashioned way.
We're not just a pretty face.
You can take a screenshot on your computer with the Print Screen button on Windows, or Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4 on a Mac.
Then just come to CtrlV.in and hit paste to upload it.
You can also paste photos or links to images to upload them.

Upload photos from your phone.

Simply email your photos to upload@ctrlv.in to upload them.
If you give a subject it will become the title of your photo.
If the email address you send it from matches the one on your account, it will be added onto your account.

New privacy options.

As well as public and passworded, we've introduced a new privacy option called anonymous. It offers the same anonymity as a passworded image but without the hassle of a password. Your username won't be shown, there is no link to your profile, no way to get to your other images, and the image won't show on your profile to anybody but you.

Album privacy under one roof.

You can set the privacy level for albums as a whole. Images in an album use the same privacy setting as the album.
Anonymous and passworded albums won't show your name and won't show on your profile to anybody but you, just like how privacy on photos works. Having the password to a passworded album allows you to see all the images it contains.
Albums (formerly known as tags) will return soon!

Whatchu talkin' bout?

After you upload to CtrlV you have the option to see what we call Image Text. Hit the button and we'll run fancy optical character recognition to try and find any text in the image*.
Once we've found the text you can also search for words that are in the image to find it again.
*Accuracy of the text recognition is not guaranteed. Please bear with us - we're still learning!

Paste in a click with our Chrome Extension.

Two key presses too much for you? Install our extension in your browser and paste whatever you've copied with a single click.

Available for free in the Chrome Web Store.

“My uploads look a JPEG/PNG icon.”

This is a problem that happens on Macs while trying to upload an image by copying and pasting the file.
The solution is to first open the image in 'Preview',
Press Cmd + A (Select All)
Then Cmd + C (Copy)
Then you can paste it to CtrlV as normal.

“CtrlV doesn't work on my Mac.”

Since OSX Lion (10.7), Java applets are turned off by default because Apple wants to make your life difficult .
To enable them and make CtrlV work:
Use the Spotlight Search to find Java Preferences.
Tick Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications.
Close your browser, reopen it, and CtrlV should now work.

Still need an answer?

Please email us at or contact us on Facebook and we'll be happy to solve all your problems.
Preferably your CtrlV problems, but we'll give everything a shot.

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